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Mayajigua-Santi Spíritus

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If what you want to know is the typical life of the Cuban farmer, their parties, the work in the countryside, their cuisine then we recommend visiting the agro-tourism project called La Picadora in the town of Mayajigua, where you'll know a typical farmers community between mountains and the tasks they carry out in their daily lives: coffee harvest, collection of beans, work in the land. We include talks with the farmers on different topics such as education and health. Also, very close of the place is the National Park and Caguanes biosphere reserve with one of the most complete speleological complexes in Cuba.
Price: Up to 3 people: 700 cuc Up to 5 people: 850 cuc Up to 8 people: 1000 cuc. From 8 people and up: Contact the head of the agency.
Duration: 2 days. Approximate travel time:Havana-Mayajigua: 5 hours


1st day

-8: 00 am Departure to Mayajigua

– Arrived at the agroecological project La Picadora.

Meeting with those responsible for the project and information about it. Tour inside the community: Visit to a coffee plantation. Visit to the community winery and the industrial goods store. Visit to the doctor’s office and the pharmacy. Visit to an artisan lime production plant. Tour of an apicultural farm.

-Lunch at La Picadora.

-Routed by the fields of cultivation of the community. Direct work with the farmers in their work.

-Cena and peasant guateque in La Picadora.

2nd day

-Breakfast at La Picadora.

-Return to Havana.

Important information: It is necessary to have adequate clothes to work in the field, to make trekking and cave exploration; as well as swimsuit.

Note: Unless is explicitly stated, museums and cultural centers tickets, drinks or food are not included on the price of the tour.

General Service Information

  • Due to conditions in Cuba, we can only take payments in cash 🙁
  • We try to answer your contact messages or reservations as quick as possible, but you might expect up to 12h of response time in case we have internet access problems.
  • Our job is to make you happy 🙂 , so please, tell us anything you think can help us with that. If you’d like any change in the tours, tell us, the programs are not writen in stone.
  • The tours are private (only your group, the guide and the driver when a car is involved).

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